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Are you thinking of automating or investing to bring technology to your company? Please read through the common questions we get, you may share a common question or feel free to get in touch with us for anything.

Do you make websites? How long and how much?

We do make websites. The cost would depend on the complexity of your website. A simple, information holding website would roughly cost PHP25,000 to PHP 30,000 with web hosting and corporate email hosting.

For sure these software are expensive?

We pride ourselves as being the IT company for MSMEs. Our pricing scheme is highly flexible allowing clients to pay in various terms. (Smaller down payment, longer payment terms). Our main goal is to ensure that clients see their return on investment primarily.

What do I need to do first prior to using systems?

We need to have a free business consultation session to see what sets of data are present in your business and what kind of systems would help run these data efficiently and effectively.

How long will take before you can implement a system?

Timelines are heavily dependent on client’s availability. We have implemented a complex inventory system in 30 days which a different client would have taken 6 months due to their schedules.

Do you customize systems? How much and how long?

We try to avoid having a business customize their systems due to some clients not really knowing what is it that they truly need. Development time just doubles and both parties waste resources. We have developed our out-of-the-box software from a decade of experience dealing with industry norms and standards.

The process starts with current systems analysis to see what processes your business currently has, after this we work on systems design then when the running process is approved this is then developed. The process roughly takes 60 days.